Our stakeholders

Recruit Global Staffing is in touch with its stakeholders daily in order to know and respond to their needs with the aim of improving the job market.

Stakeholders of Recruit Global Staffing



Recruit Global Staffing is about people. The success of the company therefore, depends largely on the performance of our employees. It is this belief that motivates us to constantly invest in being a good employer.

We believe it is important to invest in flexible, involved, competent and healthy employees. Employees who help to further their own development as well as that of Recruit Global Staffing, but who also continue to develop their relevant knowledge, skills and competencies for the job market in a broader sense. 

Recruit Global Staffing offers its employees a stimulating work environment and facilitates their development through a wide range of training and educational courses. This provides employees at all units and layers of the organisation with the opportunities to develop their talent.

We regularly assess if we can provide new added value and monitor both whether our services meet the expectations of our stakeholders and whether they are in line with current market trends and developments.


Recruit Global Staffing provides flex workers with a link to the job market. We help people achieve their professional ambitions, provide the optimal conditions for them to shape their careers and enable them to further their professional development.

Our extensive network of clients and the development possibilities to which Recruit Global Staffing has access offer people the ideal opportunity to achieve their full potential. 

Helping more people find a job is not limited to people who can be placed relatively easily. Recruit Global Staffing is also increasingly helping more vulnerable people and those with fewer opportunities in the job market.


Business partners

Recruit Global Staffing considers its business partners to be ‘partners in development’. They contribute to our development and we contribute to theirs. In our relations with these partners we aim to achieve high-quality services while focusing on working together.

We provide organisations – both large and small – with professional support on a wide range of HR and job market-related issues. In doing so we enable organisations to deploy their staff, knowledge and capacity more flexibly, thus making them more versatile.

We assist organisations to increase their innovative strength and at the same time help them to discover, connect and develop talent. Recruit Global Staffing ‘oils the works’ of a labour market that does not always run equally smoothly and thus contributes to boosting the prosperity of organisations and of society as a whole.

We organize meetings for the specific purpose of encouraging debate and dialogue, not only for our employees but also for clients and other relations.

Society at large

Recruit Global Staffing believes it is not only part of society, but also its partner. Our primary role is to improve the functioning of the job market by connecting people and jobs effectively.

We do so by developing and providing services that facilitate the functioning of the labour market and help it to progress.

Our greatest challenge is in maximizing the development of all potential talent by developing solutions that make it easier to find, connect and utilize potential labour.

One of the ways in which we do this is by putting people in touch with each other. With their talents, motivations, networks, and with organisations.