Advantage Resourcing Group & Staffmark leverage their human resources business to help veterans, students and refugees

Monday, 01 October 2018
Advantage Resourcing Group (AR Group) and Staffmark, part of Recruit Global Staffing, are committed to contributing to society and leveraging their human resources business to help others. In the US, they have found creative ways to provide career education and job placement assistance to those in need, including military service members, students and refugees.

Helping military service members and veterans transition to civilian life
Veterans possess many of the skills and qualities that employers are seeking, yet they often do not know how to effectively communicate their experience on a resume. They may need help identifying transferable skills and translating them in a way that will resonate with employers. They also often need to learn about the expectations they will face in the workforce and how they may differ from the expectations of their military career. Staffmark has run an internal initiative for this.

Preparing students and new graduates for the job market
Investing time and providing resources for students and recent graduates is also important to AR Group and Staffmark. For example, several Staffmark offices in Ohio work with the Jobs for Ohio's Graduates program. This program seeks to instill the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and habits necessary for students to become successful, contributing members of society.

Helping refugees start a new life and find employment
When members of the Chin/Burmese community arrive in the US, they often just have the clothes on their back. A Staffmark office in Plainfield, IN has identified ways to help refugees get on their feet and find employment.

Read the full article that has been published on Recruit Holdings site.

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