Praxis & HROffice win Werf& Award

Tuesday, 16 May 2017
Praxis, do-it-yourself chain with 146 stores, and HROffice, software supplier of an innovative recruitment system and one of our online business solutions, got a big win on Thursday, May 11th during the second edition of the Werf& Live Event. In the category ‘Best Recruitment Case’, they won the Werf& Award in recognition of the ‘toolkit recruitment and selection’, where Store managers can recruit new employees themselves.

The new policy of Praxis brings recruitment to the Store managers without losing sight of the professional and uniform character. By providing a fixed workflow and quality tools, all Store managers work the same and the quality of hire gets better. It gives the Store managers the opportunity to weigh and compare all reactions and challenges them to review the quality of the candidates critically, resulting in a much lower staff turnover. In addition, now the central point in the process is the candidate experience which means that no (qualitative) candidates get lost and the applicant is and stays in touch with the Store manager directly.

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Niels Broerse, Business Unit Manager HROffice Recruitment (on the left side)
Merel Vollenberg, Chief Personnel Development and Organization Praxis (on the right side)

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