Our primary role is to improve the functioning of the job market by connecting people and work effectively. We do so by developing and providing services that facilitate the functioning of the labour market and help it progress. Our greatest challenge is to maximise the development of all talents potentially present by developing solutions that make it easier to find, connect and utilise the labour potential. One of the ways in which we do this is by putting people in touch with each other; with their talents, motivations and networks; and with organisations. To that end we make connections between a diversity of people. In doing so we contribute towards an inclusive, circular labour market with a healthy dynamic, which enables both our society and our economy to function better. A more effective labour market can accommodate more people. It results in wider and greater participation, which in turn results in a more efficient society with greater prosperity for everyone. We have captured our social relevance under the following headers: job market fitness, diversity and inclusiveness, (social) innovation and environment. Find out more about Sustainability.

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