Business principles 

The business principles form the core of the culture and identity we aim to achieve through our mission and vision. We strongly believe in our segmented market approach and operate in the conviction that the responsibility we give to our star brands enables them to develop and grow successfully. The business principles represent the shared values that we wish to express throughout our organisation in our day-to-day activities.

We make meaningful connections: Involvement

Involvement is the core of our service. We make connections that help the labour market operate better and move forward all the time. We build effective relationships between clients and candidates; this is the foundation underlying the mission of our organisation. 

We find meaning in empowering ambitions by making worthwhile connections between people and opportunities, between the present and the future, and between individuals and the world at large.

We do things a little better every day: Progress

We act with a firm belief in a future in which our human capabilities and technology reinforce one another. We continuously work to enhance our clients’ value creation and we focus on the present to create a better future, for us and for clients. Our adaptability and learning attitude facilitate change. 

We are constantly working to improve productivity and quality, continuously identifying opportunities for improvement and executing flawless operations. We do things a little better every day. Our drive to find new opportunities and to grow promotes and facilitates this commitment to continuous improvement. 

We take action: Commitment to results

We are aware that the creation of value for Recruit Global Staffing, its stakeholders and its impact on society is largely determined by us, the people. That is why we are committed to succeeding. We think in terms of opportunities and take ownership. We promote mutual accountability by giving and receiving feedback in a horizontal style of communication. In pursuing our common goals, we are collaborative and open to change. We engage with a high energy level and an action oriented approach which is directed at our collective purpose. 

We are passionate about our work: Passion

We take initiative. We are hard-working people who are passionate about what we do. We convey our ideas and propositions with conviction and enthusiasm. We back up our ideas and choices with arguments, resulting in successful partnerships with clients, candidates and other stakeholders.

We set high standards: Professionalism

We continuously expand our capabilities by learning and by doing. Our specialist knowledge and expertise, and the targeted manner in which we leverage these assets sets our services apart and defines Recruit Global Staffing as a thought leader in our industry. We set high standards for ourselves and for each other. We apply knowledge and insights directly to our own practice and let them work to the benefit of the services and solutions we provide to our clients.

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